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We are a website helping people find venues selling alcohol free drinks across the UK and worldwide. We submit Pubs, Bars and Resturants selling alcohol free beers and wines, and add them to the map – making it easier for you to find places when you’re out and about!

Please email me at:


with details of places you have visited selling alcohol free beer or wine. Please leave the venues name, address and what they sold and I will get them on the Map.


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I gave up alcohol about a year ago for various reasons. I wasn’t alcohol dependent or anything to that extreme, I was just fed up of having one too many and the resulting hangovers!

That’s when I started to discover alcohol free beers and wines – there are so many out there, and I would never have known if I hadn’t taken that decision.

This website isn’t just for people that don’t drink, but for anyone who is wanting to cut down or just try something different.

It’s also worth a look if you are:

  • Designated driver
  • Pregnant/brestfeeding (always check with your doctor)
  • On medication
  • You don’t drink because of your religion
  • Sports man/woman – (the German football team drink Bitburger Drive -check out the ad!)
  • Have depression or other conditions that are affected by drinking.
  • Don’t want to drink in the week
  • Driver or Pilot for a living

– You don’t have to miss out; you can still enjoy the taste with none of the negative effects!

I set this website up hoping to help others who wish to find venues such as pubs, bars and resturants selling non alcoholic beers and wines across the UK and worldwide.

I have had a year’s experience of socialising with friends whilst not drinking and thus discovering where does, and where doesn’t sell alcohol free. The usual coke or orange juice options can get a bit boring, and it helps to have the alcohol free beers and wines as a more ‘adult’ option. It also helps make you feel less like ‘the odd one out’!

There are now more and more companies producing alcohol free alternatives, such as:  Becks Blue, Bitburger drive, Cobra Zero, Holston Pils, Fre wines and many more.

Gone are the days of the one vile tasting alcohol free beer, there are lots to choose froom now and these modern beers are great, hard to tell the difference against the regular ones!

I hope you enjoy the site!

*Email me with any venues you would like to add to our map. Include the name and address of the venue and what alcohol free drinks they sell:


I will then add to the map which will then be up to view on the site.


Nat 🙂

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Jessica November 19, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    I have just read this page about the website – good on you Nat! My Luce can’t drink so I’ll be showing her this! What about supermarkets – we struggle to find much there or anything at all! She’s a blue becks girl lol x

    • alcoholfreebeerhere November 19, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

      See the useful links section. Theres loads of links there for places to buy alcohol free beer! Also the Map will help you find pubs/bars/restaurants that serve it also. As for supermarkets Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco. Try Erdinger wheat beer *Sainsburys also Koppaberg pear cider,Baveria Wit and Sainsbuys and M&S do thier own beer x

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