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Frankie & Benny’s and T.G.I Fridays!

15 Oct

Going for a meal in town? Both these major chain restaurants are serving Becks Blue.

So grab a burger and a beer!





How to pour a wheat beer

10 Oct

An important lesson.

Try this next time you enjoy an alcohol free wheat beer such as

  • Erdinger alcohol free
  • Bavaria WIT
  • Maisel’s Weisse
  • Schneider Weisse
  • Franziskaner
  • Kapuziner
Click on the USEFUL LINKS section to find where to buy theres beers!

Little Chef

5 Oct

Remember this guy?


Well a very kind gentlman Tweeted me about Little Chef serving Becks Blue.

So I checked it out and its on the wesbite menu, so they will be serving it across the UK.

Perfect for all you drivers out there on long journeys who just fancy a beer and an all day breakfast!

Locations are on the website Map of course :0)


The Brink-Liverpool Dry Bar

4 Oct

Even though Im sure this place does not serve alcohol free beers or wine I still wanted to let you guys know about it anyway as it is an ‘Alcohol Free’ venue! So its on the Map.

Serving quality homemade food and fresh coffee. There is also music from live bands!

So anybody going up North, Let me know what this place is like…

Twitter @brinkliverpool




Beers of Europe!

27 Sep

Stumbled across this marvelous shop selling a fantastic range of alcohol free beers from Europe!

The best bit is they serve Baltika 0.5%

They also have a shop you can visit as well as an online order service! Check it out!(6.53mins)

Pizza Express!

22 Sep

After reading the Pizza Express menu I became awear thay sold an alcohol free beer.

So of course I had to go find out what that was, I love researching for you guys :0)

They serve a lovely German alcohol free beer ‘Clausthaler’ 0.5% accompanied with a beer glass.

So Pizza Express is now on the Map!




Bavarian Beerhouse!

19 Sep

I have discovered a really cool place to drink alcohol free beer!

The Bavarian Beerhouse in London;

They sell alcohol free Erdinger. The venue is very authentic and looks like a fun place to have a drink with friends.

Hello World!

1 Sep

Welcome all to Alcohol Free Beer Here!

We are a website helping people find venues selling alcohol free drinks across the UK and worldwide. We submit pubs, bars and resturants selling alcohol free beers and wines, and add them to the map – making it easier for you to find places when you’re out and about!

The idea is also to promote alcohol free drinks to companies and encourage them to produce their own.

Please email me at:


with details of places you have visited selling alcohol free beer or wine. Please leave the venues name, address and what they sold.

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We also provide links to alcohol free review websites as well as alcohol free shops…

All the best,

Nat  🙂