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La Tasca – Mahou Laiker Sin

7 Feb

I was lazing around on twitter today when I got a reply from the  Spanish Restaurant

‘La Tasca’…

I had previously aksed them if they serve alcohol free beer and they kindly replied with “Yes” which I love to hear!

They serve ‘MAHOU LAIKER SIN’ 

Now, This popular Spanish beer is 0.8% which is classed as low alcohol and technically not ‘alcohol free’ which would be 0.5% and below….So depending on your needs ie. medical conditions, alcohol consumption levels etc.

Personally, I would happily drink this because I know Im not going to get drunk –

Alcohol free beer is very popular in Spain and available in most tapas bars and off license..

I still get excited when I learn that a major restaurant or bar provides alcohol free alternatives. Especially when I can enjoy a delicious meal with alcohol free beer, friends and family!

So big thanks to everyone at La Tasca, “Salud”

To buy Spainish alcohol free beer online visit;

Other links;

Bavaria 0.0% advert UK

24 Jan

I was chilling out the other night watching ” That sunday night show” on ITV1 and was surprised to know that Bavaria Wit beer and original sponsors the show!

I was so happy I did a little dance..

It’s the first alcohol free advert I have seen in the UK. Perfect for Sunday nights when most people are thinking about going back to work Monday and can’t really get drunk or have one to many..

Here are the clips for you to check out, I certainly fancy some Wit beer now..The show isn’t bad either :0)


Soft Brew

24 Dec

When I first read about this drink on, I was really keen to try it out.

Mainly because it is a non alcoholic drink that has been brewed with English barley and hops and blended with fruit juice to give a hint of citrus.

These drinks have never contained alcohol in the process, making them very unique and a whole new generation of drinks.

I was really impressed with the bottle image and style. I also love the name and think the play on word ‘brew’ really works as it associates with beer. The taste was fantastic. I really felt like I could drink this on a night out or sat in a beer garden in summer.

Infact I took a bottle to a party one Saturday night and a friend who was drinking beer commented on how nice it was!

They are available in Waitrose and they also make a Soft Brew under M&S.

Flavours including, Apple, Citrus and Blackcurrant

I will be adding any bars, delis etc serving Soft Brew onto the alcohol free Map!

I think this drink is certainly in a league of its own. Its not trying to be anything it’s not and it’s completely original and a great alternative to beer or cider.

Look out for big things happening with this drink in the new year!

Thanks to everyone at Soft Brew for making this happen :0)

Did I mention it pours with a head!!!!??

Read the full tasting review at

Rochester Organic

12 Dec

‘The original drinks and food company ltd’ have a wonderful alcohol free range called.. 

Rochester Organic!

They are a family run business offering authentic recipes and excellent quality drinks using organic ingredients.

They can be found in heath shops, farm shops and delis across the UK as well as online at the alcohol free shop.

This December ‘Holland and Barrett’ , ‘Julian Graves’ and ‘The alcohol free shop’ are offering free tastings!

so get yourself to one of these shops to try them out :0)

Ginger (I tried this at Holland and Barrett on a cold day. It has a sweet, firey taste with a kick, very impressive and a great alternative to rum or whisky, as it will warm you right through)

Dark Ginger (Using Jamaican ginger, and pure sugar cane)

Hot Toddy (Ginger, honey, lime, lemon and orange)

Mulled Berry Punch (Great as a alcohol free mulled wine- elderberry, blackcurrant and apple juice as well as mulling spices and orange)

Wickedly spiced tomato drink (For a virgin mary)

(Using organic vegetarian worcester sauce and organic cider vinegar)

As well as a selection of soft drinks including Ginger beer

To buy these products visit;

Holland and Barrett, Julian Graves, GNC, Natures Way, The alcohol free shop

You can drink them hot or cold and at the moment there are some really good offers such as 3 bottles for £10 at Holland and Barrett

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

Sparkling wines – Christmas and NYE

5 Dec

Hi guys, do you want to celebrate christmas and new years eve like everyone else?

with a glass of bubbly in hand!!

Nothing like sipping something sparkling with your christmas dinner or when having a toast NYE!

So here are some ideas about what champagne style/sparkling and wines are available if your not drinking (or just having a few drinks off alcohol)

Of course we support our online alcohol free retailers, for extra special occasions. They also offer a much larger range than supermarkets and much better quality, by the bottle or case!

*For a full tasting review visit


to buy these products;





Visit and

to buy these products;





Available in supermarkets;

 Sainsburys sparkling

ASDA rose sparkling




Thanks for reading and ENJOY!!!

*Festive Drinks*

18 Nov

Hi guys, Here are some ideas for what to buy in for December. Seasonal drinks to warm you up and get you in the Christmas spirit!

Alcohol free mulled wine:

1 Bottle of alcohol free red wine

2 cinnamon stick

8 cloves

Brown sugar (to taste)

Fresh orange zest and juice

Cinnemon 1/2 teaspoon

Warm all ingredience in a saucepan. Strain into glasses, use orange slices and cinnamon sticks as garnish!

Pre made mulled wine available from ‘Holland and Barratt’ as well as online alcohol free stores UK (see useful links section)

Irish Cream Coffee 

For this we can use Irish cream syrup! I found this one in Whittards!


Try Hot Chocolate with irish cream syrup!

Baileys ice cream , Magnum mini liqure ice cream, Baileys Cream


Nescafe latte -Irish cream

Kopparberg pear cider and mixed friut cider

(this could be served warm with added spices similar to mulled wine)


My next post will be focusing on Sparkling wines/ Champagne style drinks for Christmas day and New years eve. Please see the useful links section for find where to buy drinks or contact me direct with any questions at;

Thanks for reading and supporting!


5 Nov

Hello all!

I have been getting a bit obsessed with this alcohol free beer at the moment because its one that doesn’t always first come to mind. But when I remembered how great it was,

I couldn’t wait to write about it!

Jupiler is a wonderful Belgium beer and I had the pleasure of trying it last Christmas.

(I shall be ordering more this Christmas) And guess what!? I have found 8 pubs in the UK that serve it! So of course Im going to share this love of Jupiler and where to buy it with you guys!

Lowlander Grand Cafe, London

Dove Freehouse, London

The Dove tail, London

The Belgian Cafe, Eastbourne


Belgo Belgium Resturants and Bars, London (4 venues)

(All these venues are featured on the website Map)

Here is a Video of Graham from tasting Jupiler

You can also order Jupiler online from the places featured in the useful links section on the website!

Thanks for reading, Keep up to date with my Facebook and Twitter page :0)

Happy Halloween Drinks

27 Oct

Just a few ideas for alcohol free drinks this weekend;

Warm Spiced Cider


  • 2 bottles alcohol free cider ie Koppaberg 0.5%
  • 1 orange zest into strips
  • 2 small cinnamon sticks
  • 2 cloves
  • 1/4 tspn ground nutmeg
  • 1 tblsp brown sugar
  • dash of rum essence
*Spice packs are available to buy if you prefer
  1. Pour cider and all other ingredients into a pan
  2. Warm for 20 mins
  3. Strain into glasses and use the same cinnamon sticks and orange peel as garnish
Blood Red Punch
  • 1pint of red grape juice or cranberry juice
  • 1pint of giner ale
  • 1 punnet raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 blood red orange sliced
  • Jelly sweets ie snakes,spiders etc
  1. Mix juice and ginger ale
  2. Add raspberries
  3. Use blood red orange and sweets as garnish
*You can find where to buy alcohol free cider, in the useful links section on the website!
HaPPy HalLoweeN!!!!! 

Veltins Alcohol Free On Draught!

20 Oct

Im super excited to tell you that…

Zeitgeist@ The Jolly Gardeners, London, Lambeth

Will be serving Veltins Alcohol Free on DRAUGHT!

Veltins is one of Germany’s best Pilsner largers and I had the pleasure of drinking a few alcohol free bottles last Christmas.

Heres a bit about why its so good;

“Regarded as one of the finest examples of a German Pilsner. Veltins is brewed in Sauerland, near Dortmund to the German Purity Law of 1516.

Using natural spring water from its own mountain, Veltins has a superb delicate dry and clean palate with a fine carbonated body that gives a slight bitterness with a light citrus finish.” (

So to find a venue in the UK that offers this quality beer on draught, is just amazing.

I really hope it is the first of many and I hope you guys get to try it (Let me know if you do)

They are on the Map

Cheers everyone  x





To find where to buy Veltins Alcohol Free bottle beer, please view the usful links page


Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce

17 Oct

The weather is changing and were moving into autumn and winter, we all need a little comfort food :0)

Im thinking Sausages, Stake, Mash, Chargrilled Chicken, Jacket Potatoes..Mmmm

Jack Daniel’s sauces give you the American authentic taste and the experience of the real thing. (without getting drunk of course)

Ps. T.G.I Fridays serve Jack Daniel’s  Sauce with Chicken, Steak, Prawns etc

Enjoy! x

Available from Sainsburys & Most major supermarkets in the sauces section