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Soft Brew

24 Dec

When I first read about this drink on alcoholfreereview.com, I was really keen to try it out.

Mainly because it is a non alcoholic drink that has been brewed with English barley and hops and blended with fruit juice to give a hint of citrus.

These drinks have never contained alcohol in the process, making them very unique and a whole new generation of drinks.

I was really impressed with the bottle image and style. I also love the name and think the play on word ‘brew’ really works as it associates with beer. The taste was fantastic. I really felt like I could drink this on a night out or sat in a beer garden in summer.

Infact I took a bottle to a party one Saturday night and a friend who was drinking beer commented on how nice it was!

They are available in Waitrose and they also make a Soft Brew under M&S.

Flavours including, Apple, Citrus and Blackcurrant

I will be adding any bars, delis etc serving Soft Brew onto the alcohol free Map!

I think this drink is certainly in a league of its own. Its not trying to be anything it’s not and it’s completely original and a great alternative to beer or cider.

Look out for big things happening with this drink in the new year!

Thanks to everyone at Soft Brew for making this happen :0)

Did I mention it pours with a head!!!!??


Read the full tasting review at www.alcoholfreereview.com

Sparkling wines – Christmas and NYE

5 Dec

Hi guys, do you want to celebrate christmas and new years eve like everyone else?

with a glass of bubbly in hand!!

Nothing like sipping something sparkling with your christmas dinner or when having a toast NYE!

So here are some ideas about what champagne style/sparkling and wines are available if your not drinking (or just having a few drinks off alcohol)

Of course we support our online alcohol free retailers, for extra special occasions. They also offer a much larger range than supermarkets and much better quality, by the bottle or case!

*For a full tasting review visit www.alcoholfreereview.com

visit www.sansinwines.co.uk

to buy these products;





Visit www.alcoholfree.co.uk and www.lono.co.uk

to buy these products;





Available in supermarkets;

 Sainsburys sparkling

ASDA rose sparkling




Thanks for reading and ENJOY!!!