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La Tasca – Mahou Laiker Sin

7 Feb

I was lazing around on twitter today when I got a reply from the  Spanish Restaurant

‘La Tasca’…

I had previously aksed them if they serve alcohol free beer and they kindly replied with “Yes” which I love to hear!

They serve ‘MAHOU LAIKER SIN’ 

Now, This popular Spanish beer is 0.8% which is classed as low alcohol and technically not ‘alcohol free’ which would be 0.5% and below….So depending on your needs ie. medical conditions, alcohol consumption levels etc.

Personally, I would happily drink this because I know Im not going to get drunk –

Alcohol free beer is very popular in Spain and available in most tapas bars and off license..

I still get excited when I learn that a major restaurant or bar provides alcohol free alternatives. Especially when I can enjoy a delicious meal with alcohol free beer, friends and family!

So big thanks to everyone at La Tasca, “Salud”

To buy Spainish alcohol free beer online visit;



Other links;


Bavaria 0.0% advert UK

24 Jan

I was chilling out the other night watching ” That sunday night show” on ITV1 and was surprised to know that Bavaria Wit beer and original sponsors the show!

I was so happy I did a little dance..

It’s the first alcohol free advert I have seen in the UK. Perfect for Sunday nights when most people are thinking about going back to work Monday and can’t really get drunk or have one to many..

Here are the clips for you to check out, I certainly fancy some Wit beer now..The show isn’t bad either :0)



5 Nov

Hello all!

I have been getting a bit obsessed with this alcohol free beer at the moment because its one that doesn’t always first come to mind. But when I remembered how great it was,

I couldn’t wait to write about it!

Jupiler is a wonderful Belgium beer and I had the pleasure of trying it last Christmas.

(I shall be ordering more this Christmas) And guess what!? I have found 8 pubs in the UK that serve it! So of course Im going to share this love of Jupiler and where to buy it with you guys!

Lowlander Grand Cafe, London


Dove Freehouse, London

The Dove tail, London


The Belgian Cafe, Eastbourne



Belgo Belgium Resturants and Bars, London (4 venues)


(All these venues are featured on the website Map)

Here is a Video of Graham from www.alcoholfreereview.com tasting Jupiler

You can also order Jupiler online from the places featured in the useful links section on the website!

Thanks for reading, Keep up to date with my Facebook and Twitter page :0)

Veltins Alcohol Free On Draught!

20 Oct

Im super excited to tell you that…

Zeitgeist@ The Jolly Gardeners, London, Lambeth

Will be serving Veltins Alcohol Free on DRAUGHT!

Veltins is one of Germany’s best Pilsner largers and I had the pleasure of drinking a few alcohol free bottles last Christmas.

Heres a bit about why its so good;

“Regarded as one of the finest examples of a German Pilsner. Veltins is brewed in Sauerland, near Dortmund to the German Purity Law of 1516.

Using natural spring water from its own mountain, Veltins has a superb delicate dry and clean palate with a fine carbonated body that gives a slight bitterness with a light citrus finish.” (Puritybrewing.com)

So to find a venue in the UK that offers this quality beer on draught, is just amazing.

I really hope it is the first of many and I hope you guys get to try it (Let me know if you do)

They are on the Map

Cheers everyone  x





To find where to buy Veltins Alcohol Free bottle beer, please view the usful links page


Frankie & Benny’s and T.G.I Fridays!

15 Oct

Going for a meal in town? Both these major chain restaurants are serving Becks Blue.

So grab a burger and a beer!




How to pour a wheat beer

10 Oct

An important lesson.

Try this next time you enjoy an alcohol free wheat beer such as

  • Erdinger alcohol free
  • Bavaria WIT
  • Maisel’s Weisse
  • Schneider Weisse
  • Franziskaner
  • Kapuziner
Click on the USEFUL LINKS section to find where to buy theres beers!

Little Chef

5 Oct

Remember this guy?


Well a very kind gentlman Tweeted me about Little Chef serving Becks Blue.

So I checked it out and its on the wesbite menu, so they will be serving it across the UK.

Perfect for all you drivers out there on long journeys who just fancy a beer and an all day breakfast!

Locations are on the website Map of course :0)


Beers of Europe!

27 Sep

Stumbled across this marvelous shop selling a fantastic range of alcohol free beers from Europe!

The best bit is they serve Baltika 0.5%

They also have a shop you can visit as well as an online order service! Check it out!(6.53mins)


Pizza Express!

22 Sep

After reading the Pizza Express menu I became awear thay sold an alcohol free beer.

So of course I had to go find out what that was, I love researching for you guys :0)

They serve a lovely German alcohol free beer ‘Clausthaler’ 0.5% accompanied with a beer glass.

So Pizza Express is now on the Map!




Bavarian Beerhouse!

19 Sep

I have discovered a really cool place to drink alcohol free beer!

The Bavarian Beerhouse in London;

They sell alcohol free Erdinger. The venue is very authentic and looks like a fun place to have a drink with friends.