Useful Links

Links to useful websites-

Our email address where you can send us the name, address and what the venue you visited and what they sold!/Alcoholfreebeer

Reviews of beers, wines, ciders, cocktails aswell as readers stories
video reviews

Shop and bar selling alcohol free beers, wines, cider and skincare products

Alcohol free wine company providing online order service and tastings

A great place to buy beer glasses for the perfect drinking experience!

Serving a rare range of alcohol free beers. Online service and visitors shop Norfolk.

**For something special and a wider range of drinks I would recommend ordering from the suppliers above. As they support the alcohol free drinks industry. You can also buy a case, gift set, glasses etc.

Alternativly major supermarkets do sell alcohol free drinks;

Sainsburys – Becks Blue, Bavaria, Bavaria Wit, Their own range of alcohol free wines (Red White Rose) Kopparburg cider, Thier own alcohol free beer Czech, Erdinger wheat beer, Cobra Zero, Sparkling wine

Asda – Becks Blue, Bavaria, Bavaria Wit, Kopparburg cider, Fre wines,Cobra Zero, Sparkling wine

Tesco – Becks Blue, Erdinger wheat beer, Cobra Zero, Kopparburg Cider, Bavaria, Bavaria Wit, Eisberg wine

Morrisons – Becks Blue, Cobra Zero, Baveria

M&S – Do their own alcohol free beer (German)! Please ask them to being back the wine tho as this did not sell well. Let create a demand :0) Soft brew

Waitrose– In selected stores- Clausthaler, Bavaria wit, Bavaria original, becks blue, soft brew

Co-op – Becks blue, sometimes cobra zero


2 Responses to “Useful Links”

  1. Daniel Berrange January 22, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    FYI, I’ve found that many Waitrose will stock Baveria, Baveria Wit and Becks Blue

    • alcoholfreebeerhere January 23, 2012 at 9:36 am #

      Thanks Daniel, thats great to know. Feels like these beers are really flying off the shelves. Especially in January, when a lot of people are having a break :0)

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